Modern Italian Comfort Food in the US

In the US, you can find many places that serve modern Italian comfort food, but it is still largely a mystery to most people. That’s where Italian specialists come into play. They try to break down stereotypes like pizza and tomato sauce and offer a more regionalized experience. Philadelphia’s A Mano and San Francisco’s Perbacco both present regionality and modern refinement, but they are all aiming to move the US past the stereotypes and into an unfamiliar territory.

Luca Moriconi

Culina & Vinoteca at Four Seasons Beverly Hills recently relaunched its menu. Culina Chef de Cuisine Luca Moriconi, a native Tuscan, has taken his inspiration from his hometown. The menu reflects his love of cooking his mother’s recipes and incorporates local ingredients, while also adding a modern twist to familiar classics. You can expect classic Tuscan dishes such as lasagna and beef ragu to be among the highlights.

Mikey Pomodoro

In Hell’s Kitchen, pop-up Mikey Pomodoro opened its doors on a Sunday night. The pop-up serves classic Italian comfort food. Founded by Italian immigrants Michael Miranti and Marco Cattafesta, the concept was born out of a need for comfort food. The two men invested $1000 into their pop-up and subsequently made it an instant success.

La Cucina Di Nava

The new restaurant in Teaneck is called La Cucina Di Nava, and it’s named for the baby girl of the owners. The menu features family-style Italian dishes as well as modern Italian comfort foods. The restaurant has a redesigned heated outdoor patio and table seating. Yehudiel, the owner and executive chef of The Humble Toast, walked through the neighborhood to test the menu before deciding to open it.

Marco Canora

Marco Canora was born in upstate New York, where his mother harvested fresh herbs and vegetables. His Italian heritage is evident in his cooking, and he has long sought to make his Italian food as authentic as possible. He won the James Beard Award for Best Chef: NYC in 2017 and has two stars from the New York Times. Marco Canora has appeared on numerous television programs and has won many awards for his food. He started the bone broth craze with his restaurant Brodo. At his other restaurants, he offers seasonal Italian fare and hosts a Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes.

Mamma Mia

The modern Italian comfort food trend has made London a popular destination for people looking for authentic and authentically Italian dishes. It’s a popular way to satisfy those cravings without sacrificing quality or taste. Many Italian dishes come from Emilia Romagna, but the menu also features cuisine from Campania and Lazio, both regions in southwestern Italy. Lea Rossucci was born in Naples, Italy but spent part of her childhood in North Carolina. After a few years in Italy, she returned to the United States where she married her husband Valerio and is now joining the Mamma Mia business. “I love innovation and tradition,” says Lea, who hails from North Carolina.

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